Thursday, 25 June 2015

In The Field!!

Family and Friends!                                                                                                               22 Jun 2015

Hello from Waukesha, Wisconsin! My companion is Sister Plante and this is her last transfer, and she and I have been assigned to re-open the Waukesha area for Sister missionaries. It is a lot of hunting down less actives and former investigators, and most of the time they are not home when we knock on their doors, but we keep trying! We have been doing a ton of tracting, too. On my first day out, one of the sisters told me that "this is a tracting mission." She said the baptizing rate in Wisconsin is the same as the baptizing rate in Romania! Crazy, right? But there are definitely still people who have been prepared by God to receive the gospel. That's why we tract so much... so we can find them!!!

So we live in an apartment in Pewaukee. For all my Parks and Rec fans out there, Pewaukee is JUST LIKE Pawnee, Indiana! There are major raccoon problems and a lot of ghetto areas. It's funny because I always pictured Wisconsin as this beautiful farming community, and parts of it really are like that, but where I am right now (pretty close to Milwaukee) there are a lot of run-down areas and weird people. But I love weird people so it works!

Speaking of rodent problems, there is most likely a small animal living with us in our apartment. We know this because there is a trap door on our shower ceiling that was open when we got here, and a bunch of twigs and animal droppings fell out. So there's probably a little chipmunk that hides in our cupboards and in the hole in our bathroom wall! At least that's what the exterminator said! Haha. I'm sending a picture, it's pretty funny. 

Also, here are some pictures of my district from the MTC and my MTC companions! I'm bad at taking pictures but I at least got a couple.

Anyways, this past week has been a major adjustment but I have already learned a lot. In the MTC I decided my mission scripture would be Isaiah 55:12: I can't quote it exactly but it says something like "For ye shall go forth with joy, and the mountains shall clap their hands." Yeah maybe you should just look it up!

Well love you all! Thanks for the love! 


Sister K.

P.S. Also here's my new address! 141 Morris Street Apartment #3, Pewaukee, WI 53072

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