Monday, 17 October 2016

National Cheese Curd Day!!

This week was sick! In more ways than one! *bad pun alert* haha. Yes, I came down with a gnarly cold and now Sister Killian is now showing symptoms of it. But the good news is that we were still able to hit most of the goals we set for ourselves this week! We know that we were super blessed! I also felt especially strengthened by the Atonement this week because President Williams wants us to go on DOUBLE the exchanges with the Sisters in our zone, and I was sick for both of those this week, but alas! We made it through, and the Sisters are AWESOME, and we had two really great days! and a successful week overall!

󾓨 Karina is doing better after getting home from the hospital! We invited her little 9-year-old sister Charlotte to join us for our lesson on Saturday, and she LOVED it! And LOVED the Book of Mormon we gave her, AND came to church the next day!!! She's a sweetheart and says she can't wait to learn more about God. We were pleasantly surprised by how much she understood in the lesson, and how open she is to the Spirit. We're really hoping that Karina and Charlotte's momentum will help their mom want to progress more, too! It's cool because the Neenah ward's Young Women president felt prompted to stop by Karina's house to invite her mom to a mother-daughter activity coming up. The ward is embracing these two little girls and their family... it warms the heart. :)

󾓨 We had interviews with President Williams on Friday! He is such a wonderful man! He was able to give me a blessing for my sickness, which really helped, and has expressed so much wisdom and love in leading our mission... I am so grateful for him!

󾓨 Saturday was NATIONAL CHEESE CURD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheese curds were $1 wherever you went. It was heavenly. :)

󾓨 The Appleton Stake President has asked all the missionaries to set "family mission plans" with every family in our assigned wards! We've only had a few opportunities to set them so far, but the families we have been able to see have accepted the idea warmly and are eager to do missionary work! We're excited to see the fruits of the mission plans... I know a harvest is coming!

Hope you all are doing well! Thanks for the emails!


Sister K.

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