Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Planning Pays Off

This week Sister Killian and I learned a lot about diligence and planning!!! Early in the week we were reading in the White Handbook and noticed that under "nightly planning" it tells us to plan for 30 MINUTES at the end of every day! Sometimes we do, but sometimes we get excited about going to bed so we just rush through it and don't plan very intentionally.. and sometimes we take the whole 30 minutes, but we get sidetracked or distracted from our purpose. Then, at MLC on Friday, we talked all about multi-tasking and being effective planners! So we made a goal on Friday night to plan for the whole 30 minutes, to be totally focused, and to make multi-purpose plans for the next day. And HOLY COW!!!!!!!! Saturday was one of the most miraculous, joyful, most satisfying days of my mission! I felt we accomplished EVERYTHING we needed to that day... and so many things fell into place! First of all, we were able to reach our goal to teach the First Vision four times, in the randomest places! 

Second of all, we were able to find a member to come with us to a lesson last minute... and she happened to be the PERFECT member to bear testimony! 

Third, we went to a return appointment with a high school boy that we (sadly) expected to fall through... but when we showed up, he and his mom were both waiting for us, and both committed to be baptized! 

And FOURTH!!!!! We got a surprise text from Karina's mom right before we went to bed. She informed us that Karina is BACK from the hospital and was excited to come to church the next day!!! AND SHE CAME!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D It was so good to see her again! Sister Killian and I couldn't stop rejoicing!!!!  I still am so amazed at how the LITTLEST things make the BIGGEST differences in missionary work!!!! Karina is now back on date for October 29th... She is doing much better now and looked so much lighter and happier than we've ever seen her.

Love you all! Keep enjoying the fall - it's officially upon us! :D


Sister K.

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