Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Getting Frigid!!

Hey all!

It's cooling down here in the Cheese State! Lately it's been in the single digits, windchill taking it below zero. Luckily though, this week Sister Tidwell and I had a TON of meetings to get to as well as several teaching appointments so we weren't exposed to the arctic air too bad! This week may be a different story though!
Transfer news came out today, and (surprise, surprise) I'll be staying in Kettle Moraine with Sister Tidwell! It's my dream come true! I love this ward and I love Sister Tidwell, and the work is picking up and I couldn't be happier :) 

So, we got dropped by a couple of new investigators from last week (one of them left the Book of Mormon we gave her in a Ziploc bag out on the front porch when we came to our teaching appointment)... but we also got KEPT by several of them! We're super excited to keep teaching these folks! Some of them seem SO prepared to accept the restored gospel. It's cool how God prepares his children to receive more. Reminds me of Alma 16:16; "the Lord did pour out his Spirit on all the face of the land to prepare the minds of the children of men, or to prepare their hearts to receive the word which should be taught among them at the time of his coming." There's a recent convert in the ward named Marie who is TOTAL proof of that scripture. Her testimony is so strong, and her thirst to know the word and will of God and to follow it is insatiable. She has changed my life in these past couple months and I am so grateful to know her! Because of Marie and many others, I am gaining so much faith that there ARE people here who are "honest seekers of truth" who have serious questions of the soul! And we have the answers! We are so lucky!

We also went on exchanges this week and I got to go to Kenosha! It's pretty far down south in the state and is right next to Lake Michigan, so I GOT TO SEE THE LAKE!!!!! AHHHH!!!!! It was awesome! So big and icy cold and I even saw a lighthouse! I'll send pictures :) I LOVE THIS STATE!!!!!!!!

Sister Tidwell's New Missionary Training Meeting was on Friday, and President and Sister Cutler were there. This is their quote of the day:

President: "We've been married almost 40 years now. Sister Cutler, what has come from that?"
Sis. Cutler: "Well, we've definitely multiplied."
President: "Yes, we have replenished the earth. There are 40 of us where there used to be 2. We've done better than most rabbits!"

Haha. I love them!

Hope you're having a great week! Stay warm!


Sister K.

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