Monday, 8 February 2016

Bloody Wisconsinites

Shoutout to my home team the Broncos for winning the Superbowl!!! Yayyy! 

Haha alright, so this week was a little slower. It was great though because we had lots of time to find new investigators and put some of our ideas into action! I tend to be all talk, no action when it comes to working with members and trying new approaches so it was a great week to experiment! And we did have a little success, but it's all trial and error!

Our ward is hosting a blood drive this Saturday and it's been a great way to talk to members of the community and invite them into our church building. It's kind of funny because when we are tracting with copies of the Book of Mormon or with Family Proclamations, people are always like, "Nope, not interested!!!" but when we go around offering flyers for blood donations, the people are like, "Wow! Thank you SO much! We really appreciate this!" haha. In my head I'm like, "You would rather have us TAKE your BLOOD than give you a gospel message?!?!" Ahh, the Wisconsinites! Hahaha. There just happens to be a rival blood drive in Mukwonago on Thursday, and they are offering a pint of Culver's custard to each person who donates a pint of blood. If I've learned anything about Wisconsin culture, it's that NOTHING sparks the attention of a Wisconsinite like a free pint of custard! So the competition will be FIERCE! But we're praying hard for our blood drive to be a success!!! And I really believe it will be. Even if there are only a few nonmembers there, I will consider it a success because the Spirit is so strong in our church buildings, and I know it will leave a lasting positive impression on anyone who comes!

Let's see, we were also able to have FHE with a part member family. The kids have baptism dates and we are so excited for them! :) The gospel is such a uniting force in families; it's a really cool thing to witness!

Since we had more time this week to go tracting and contacting and stuff, there were several moments when Sis. Tidwell and I felt like we were just drifting around from place to place. But every single day, we saw little miracles like bumping into a former investigator at a random apartment complex, or being there for a ward member who really needed somebody to listen. I am always blown away by the fact that the Spirit works in small nudges, feelings, and thoughts; often, we don't know we are being led to a place until long after we were there. It's so cool to learn how the Spirit speaks to us, and how we always end up being where we need to be, exactly when we need to be there! And so many times it feels like we are just there on "accident"! But God doesn't do random, people. That's the truth!

Love you all! Have a great week!


Sister K.

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