Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Goodbye, Kettle Moraine!!


AHHHHHHH I am freaking out so much right now!!!! I spent all of last week ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that I wouldn't be transferred, because we have FIVE baptisms happening in Kettle Moraine next transfer. I've been in Kettle Moraine for so long, I LOVE the people and I've waited for such a long time to see these baptisms happen. But you know how Heavenly Father works... as soon as we're comfortable somewhere, we get booted out! :P I was completely shocked and so so humbled when we logged in a few minutes ago to check the transfer board... I am moving to the Milwaukee YSA ward, and I'm going to be a Sister Training Leader!!!!!!!! AHhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh!!!!!!! I don't even know what to do with myself!!!!!!!!!!!

Quick Question: did any of you get the email I sent out last week? I'll send it again! I tried resending it last week but Myldsmail accounts have been spotty lately.

Anywho, this week was great! We set a baptism date with our investigator Gary! He is going to prepare for April 9th. I love that man so much. He said he would come to church yesterday, but bailed out at the last minute. I know Satan is working on him big time! I can honestly say we did everything we could to get Gary to church... called to remind him, gave him directions, offered to find him a ride, bought him a couple ties and doorbell ditched him, called him the morning of. He was planning on it right up until the very last minute, and that's the moment I realized that the biggest enemy of missionary work is AGENCY! However, agency is also the reason we are here on earth! So while it's frustrating when others don't choose what we want them to, that's the beautiful part of God's plan! We do all we can to invite and help others make the right choices... and then we allow them to choose. When they choose obedience and righteousness for themselves, that's when they are blessed and the Spirit confirms to them that their choice was a good one!

Sorry if none of this makes sense. I still can't believe I'm being transferred! I feel so beyond inadequate for all that lies ahead! But I am excited to push myself, meet new people, and be in a "growth zone" once again. I can't even say how much I have learned in Kettle and on my mission in general... I've met so many amazing people, had the BEST companions, been blessed with great (mild) weather and seen so many beautiful sides of the state of Wisconsin!

Wish me luck as I pack up all my junk! :P

I hope you all are doing well! Love you much!


Sister K.

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