Monday, 1 February 2016

Little Taste of Heaven!!

So Wisconsin is being all weird again and it is SUNNY and WARM outside today! I always knew I loved cloudy, overcast days, but today is a great reminder of how beautiful and welcome a sunny day can be! I am feeling SUPER fortunate because this is literally the warmest WI winter ever. Like, EVER, in State history!!!! A few days ago they were saying it would snow a couple feet this week... but now it is going to be rain! :) So many blessings!!!!!
We got a new car last Tuesday! Well, new to us! We have decided to name her Lillian Bambit the First. Haha, Sister Tidwell is the best! We're having fun together and I'm loving every minute!

Well, guess what?!?!

AUTUMN GOT BAPTIZED this week!!!!!!!! On Tuesday!!!!! I'll send a picture! It was SO MUCH FUN to be back in Waukesha ward with all those people I love!!!! It was exactly what I needed after a couple hard days, and it makes me even MORE excited for our own baptisms coming up! The Jordans are planning on being baptized on February 27th, and the Senkevitch kids in March! And BOTH families came to church yesterday, for the first time the whole time I've been here! It was incredible. SO MUCH JOY!!!!!! I never understood how much pure joy comes from seeing people come to church, but my heart was absolutely bursting. Because I know now more than ever before that on Sundays, that's where we're supposed to be! Our Father in Heaven is so pleased when we try to be exactly where He wants us, exactly when He wants us there!

I can't remember if I've mentioned Aaron or not, but he's a 19 year old investigator we found last week. We stopped by on Saturday to bump our schedule with him back a couple hours, and when he came to answer the door he was holding the Book of Mormon in his hands and had the BIGGEST smile on his face!!!! I felt so much pure joy in that moment, too. This is real, folks. It brings so much happiness! Not the kind of happiness we get from eating custard or reading Pride and Prejudice (although that's a form of happiness, too); it's more like the joy we feel when we are surrounded by people we love, trying the best we can, and allowing the Spirit to be part of our lives. THAT is happiness. :)

I love you and hope your week was great too! And make this next one a good one!


Sister K.

P.S. I don't know if I've told you already, but WISCONSIN HAS ALDI'S!!!!!!! Just like the ones in Germany! Makes me so happy :) Today we found these little caramel waffeln things from the Netherlands that my family loves! Oh, the tender mercies :) I'll send photographic evidence!!!

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