Friday, 10 June 2016

Reunited and it Feels so Good!!

Hey all!

You'll never guess who I'm with right now... SISTER WISE!!!!!!!!!! My companion and her companion are going to the temple today, so we're back in business and it's a "Pday" and it's been the best day EVER. :) It's nice that Sister Wise is still serving so close to me (we share a church building), but it's also kind of hard that way. But oh well. We are both just enjoying this lovely WARM day! (so warm, in fact, that I'm considering chopping off all my hair. Kind of rash? Maybe. But I really might do it. Stay in tune! haha.)

Literally, there have been SO many miracles in the past week that I can't even count! Lia, who I mentioned in my last email I think, is now preparing for baptism on June 25th! She wants to be baptized and confirmed before she leaves for China for the summer. She is so prepared and so sweet... she is learning to love "the God" (that's what she calls Him, haha) and has an insatiable appetite for learning more and more! I'm just... wow. She's progressing so quickly we don't even know what to do with her!

Bailey is doing AWESOME. She came with us to a lesson with our investigator Stephanie, and bore her testimony about the Book of Mormon and prophets. I told her that it's amazing to see how her countenance has changed since accepting the gospel... and she agreed! Her family and boyfriend have noticed a big change in her, too. It was cool, she said that reading the Book of Mormon has helped her to identify the role of God in her life; it's easier for Him to find Him in the details because of the Book of Mormon! Just another reason it's the best book ever!!! :)

God has been too good to me on this crazy mission thing. I don't even know how to express my gratitude in words. I feel a lot like Bailey recently... like a new girl! A new girl with a fresh view of God, myself, and others. (That's a phrase Preach My Gospel uses to describe repentance, and I LOVE it!!! Because it's so true!) The people I've met, the places I've served... This area, especially. At first I was so terrified of serving in this area... but now, I don't ever want to leave! We're about halfway through the transfer, though, and our new Mission President comes in on June 30th... so anything can happen!

Along that note, I just want to take a sentence or two to say how much I'll miss the Cutlers. President and Sister Cutler are some of the most loving, consecrated, hard-working, intelligent, uplifting, spiritually-minded people I know. It's been a real privilege serving in their mission. I can't believe their time is almost up... We're seeing so many miracles in our mission as their time comes to a close. I'll sure miss them!!! On that same note, I am excited to see what President and Sister Williams bring to Wisconsin. I've heard getting a new mission president can be pretty drastic... but usually I think it's a good thing. Anyone with any advice, feel free to chip in! Haha. We'll be the first Sisters to meet them, because we're taking Sister Williams out to work with us the night they fly in! So that will be exciting!

Anywho. Love you all. Stay cool in this blasted heat!


Sister K.

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