Monday, 6 June 2016

Miracles up the Wazoo!!

This week was great but fast fast FAST!!!! We had Mission Leadership Conference on Friday and I got to see my sweet little Sister Hunt (MTC companion) again for the first time in AGES! And I saw her exactly a year to the DAY from when we reported to the MTC... extra sweet! Wow, can you believe that? I reported on June 3rd of 2015... This year has gone by so fast. It doesn't even feel real. Sometimes I randomly realize that I'm really a missionary... I'm really in Wisconsin... in the city of Milwaukee, nonetheless... And I'm so beyond grateful to be here. It's never easy - there's always something to challenge and push me - but I am so SO grateful to be here doing what I'm doing :)

So many miracles this week... on Saturday in particular. I am trying to learn more about the Spirit and trying to let it guide me, especially because... um... I am NOT the best planner. In fact, I am kind of the worst at planning! I want so badly to be doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing every day, but in this area it's really hard to tell if I'm focusing on the right things. So anyways, Saturday comes around and there were stacks upon stacks of miracles... seeing random church members around Milwaukee, seeing the same girl on two different bus rides and getting to talk to her on both, bumping into the people we were trying to visit right when they were about to go into their apartment, right after I realized I didn't know which apartment was theirs... small miracles, but miracles all the same!!! I realized that when we WANT to follow the Spirit, and then make a plan, and then follow that plan to the best of our ability... we are guided to where we need to go! Sometimes I think Heavenly Father even uses our "mistakes" to our advantage!

As for a BIG miracle... We met Lia this week! She is a Chinese student and friends with a member, and we met with her and taught her more about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon, since she comes from a non-Christian background and knows next to nothing. She is DRAWN to Christianity though... she is SO curious and wants to learn, and has definitely been prepared for the message of the Gospel. Anywho, she came to church yesterday and LOVED it so much that right after Sacrament meeting, she asked, "What can I do to become a Mormon??" Haha. She is so ready! We'll be seeing her today and explaining more about baptism and the church. Man, oh man... Lia is a miracle!!

Another miracle! Kayla BORE HER TESTIMONY in fast and testimony meeting yesterday!!! My heart was pounding so hard when she walked up toward the stand... and I definitely cried when she spoke. She still doesn't believe the Book of Mormon is true, necessarily... but she DOES love it. Which is definitely a start! Even if she doesn't believe it yet, she admitted that through her study of the Book of Mormon and through learning more about the Church, she has come closer to God and Jesus Christ. I realized that I have taken all this truth for granted my whole life... We know SO MUCH about the Atonement because of the Book of Mormon. We know SO MUCH about Jesus Christ's mission on earth. And it's cool that Kayla's mind has been opened up to that. She just needs to know this is true all for herself, not for anyone else... we point it out to her as much as we can, but it's up to her agency at this point. (I love agency but I also despise it. haha.) We love her though and will do anything we can to help her!!! And I am grateful for her friendship and love every day.

Love you all! Have a great week!


Sister K.

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