Monday, 11 July 2016


Well... Life is wonderful right now! We have been INSANELY BLESSED with miracles this week... let me share a couple!

FIRST OF ALL!!!!!! WE FOUND A FAMILY IN BROOKFIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what you must be thinking... a FAMILY? in BROOKFIELD? Like, a real investigator family? Like, as in, they let us into their home and are genuinely interested in learning more about the gospel - that kind of family? YES! YES TO ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!! :D Their names are Erica and Arron, and we met them when we were walking around their neighborhood. There was one potential investigator we contacted there a couple months ago, and then she fell through... and then there was another potential who fell through, and then another, and then ANOTHER (literally!!!).... and we kept wondering WHY we were being led to that area again and again. Well, now we know why! Erica and Arron are so special. They are wonderfully kind and have been reading the Book of Mormon since we left it with them on Tuesday... we taught them a lesson on Friday and they want to come to church!!! They are so real and genuine and sincere... they believe Joseph Smith could definitely have been a prophet... everything they say shows us they are so prepared. I don't know why we are being so blessed to meet such wonderful people... it BLOWS my mind. God is far too good!

We also had a cool experience on Saturday! We had a phone cord in our apartment for the Waukesha sisters, and they couldn't meet us during the day to get it, so we drove to their apartment (MY OLD PEWAUKEE APARTMENT!!!) to leave it at their door. When we pulled up to the apartment complex, guess who was outside on her balcony?!?! It was WENDY!!!! I don't know if you remember Wendy from any of my emails last year... but she's the one who we met while helping her look for her cat and then taught her a little while. Well, the Sisters have had a hard time getting in contact with her because she is just so busy... but we saw her! And guess what? She had just gotten back half an hour earlier from HER SISTER'S funeral. :( She was obviously shaken from the experience... just very sad and subdued. But still the wonderful Wendy I remember. We had the privilege to teach her a little bit about the Plan of Salvation and pray with her... it was such a tender mercy for both of us, I think!!! And I'll be back in Waukesha this Wednesday on exchanges... so maybe we'll get to see her again! :) I love going back to Waukesha because that's the only time I really feel like I've changed on my mission.... and I LOVE getting the chance to talk about the Plan of Salvation. It's a life-changer!!!!

We also had Mission Leadership Conference in Oshkosh this week. It was WONDERFUL. President Williams's vision for our mission is JUST what we need!!! I know many miracles will happen as we follow the Lord's counsel through President Williams!

Love you all! Have a great week!


Sister K.

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