Friday, 1 July 2016

We Found Somebody!!

I never know how to start these things. Haha.

Okay, so... LIA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!! On Saturday!!!! And then confirmed on Sunday :) She is wonderful! I will send pictures! The service was small but somebody brought Costco muffins so it was great:)

Kayla's been hard to meet with lately. So that stinks. She is busy though... busy and overwhelmed. We don't want to add to her stress or to-do list, but THIS IS IMPORTANT! I hate feeling like a nuisance when we keep insisting on meeting with people, but at the same time... "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven." If we all sacrificed a little more time to God... we would be so immensely blessed for it that we wouldn't even feel like it's a sacrifice! So my perspective on asking people for things has changed a lot on my mission. When we are asking families to make time for us in their schedules so we can come do an FHE or practice teaching, or when we ask members to come with us to lessons, or when we try to set up appointments with investigators even when they're busy, what we're really doing is giving them opportunities to sacrifice so that they can receive the blessings that the Father wants to give them. 

Anywho, I'll step down from my soapbox now! Haha. We've been doing LOTS and LOTS of finding in the Brookfield ward... tracting in "Babylon," as the mission so lovingly (and truthfully) calls Brookfield. Don't know why, but we've just felt really strongly that THAT's what we need to be doing here for now! So we'll keep doing it until we feel otherwise. Haha. Last night we came across a duplex with one door that said, "No soliciting - will call the cops" so we skipped that door and knocked on the next one, but the owner of the first door came out of the garage and started ranting at us. We were like, "Sorry! We knocked on the OTHER door!" and he was like, "I own BOTH sides of the duplex!" and it was terribly awkward. Haha. In an effort to console him I reached out my hand and asked what his name was, and he stood there with his arms crossed and said, "Somebody." I said, "Nice to meet you, Somebody," and he finally shook my hand. Then proceeded to rant about religion in general, but at the end he said he wanted us to come back next week and that he'd pull out his Book of Mormon and ask us some questions. Believe it or not, that's our most promising lead yet... so back we will go!!!!! 

But! The whole week was made so much better because the BYU Folk dancing team came to Milwaukee and we got to go see them play if we brought an investigator!!!!!!!! So we did, and it was WONDERFUL. They are incredible dancers! And they were all so excited to see missionaries. We felt like celebrities! It was nice to be loved and appreciated by total strangers. I got to shake hands with the guitar player and that was cool too. Most of the pics turned out super blurry because of the dancers' speedy feet, but I'll see what I can send!
We get our new mission president this week! WOW!!!!! It doesn't feel real!

Have a great week everyone!


Sister K.

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