Friday, 11 November 2016

Karina got baptized!!!

That's right everyone! Karina got baptized yesterday!!!! It was a wonderful baptism - so many people from the ward came to support her, and there were great talks and beautiful music too. But the best part was definitely when Karina came up out of the water, and I heard Amanda (Karina's nonmember mom) whisper under her breath, "That was beautiful." (and then Charlotte, the nine year old, said, "That was weird." haha.) But baptism really is beautiful! I LOVE the symbolism and the power of the Priesthood that can be felt in that holy moment of redemption. It was a lot of work but a really great day! And because of the Regional Conference yesterday, Karina will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost next Sunday! So we'll keep working with her really closely up until then. Also, we were talking to Amanda before the baptism and found out that she quit smoking 2 weeks ago and is working on quitting coffee so she can "take all this more seriously." THAT is repentance!!!! And it is beautiful!!!!! We are SO excited for the spiritual progress of this wonderful family!!!!!

So yeah we had a Regional Conference yesterday! Which apparently all my Colorado people were watching too! That made me happy :) It was great - a lot of talk about temples, which is always good to hear. Our mission policy just changed so we are no longer able to attend the temple in our mission, which is really sad, BUT when I was pondering about it, I decided that when we don't have things for a season, we often appreciate them MORE when we have them back. So I'm making goals for temple attendance when I am back in temple boundaries! :)

We also had the opportunity this week to BLITZ Sheboygan! (Meaning Sister Killian and I drove down to Sheboygan and worked with the Sisters there for a day!) I was with Sister Reid - this is her first transfer! - and it was cool because she had a lot of the same questions and struggles that I had in MY first transfer forever ago!!!! But I could see so much potential for GOOD in her work ethic and attitude. It was an honor to work with her for the day and we found an AWESOME new family!!!! (and an added bonus: I can now say I've driven all the way around Lake Winnebago!)

Well transfers are coming up on Wednesday, and today we found out the transfer news.... Sister Killian is getting transferred to Wausau, and GUESS WHO IS COMING HERE TO REPLACE HER?!?!?!   SISTER TIDWELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right!!!!! My little bestie from Kettle Moraine!!!!!!!!!!! I am so beyond thrilled!!!!!! These next five weeks are going to be the BEST WEEKS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't think of anyone I'd rather spend my last transfer with!!!!!!!! :D :D :D She is exactly what I prayed for!!!!!!!!!!

Hope ya'll have a nice week!


Sister K.

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