Monday, 13 July 2015

Crazy Week!!

This week we found out how many miles we are allowed to drive and it is NOT very many... so we have been walking a lot! While we walk I like to try to come up with jokes, so here are a couple!

1. There once was a woman who didn't want to try pulled pork because she didn't want to BRISKET! Haha!
2. If there was a fight between a bratwurst and a butterburger (I am in Wisconsin, after all) which one would win? --> The bratwurst, because it's PACKING MEAT!!! (Get it? Like packing heat, but packing meat?!) 
Haha okay, okay. I know they're bad! But I'm trying to be creative here!

This week we met with Teri for the first time to teach her about the Restoration. She was raised Lutheran but has Jewish heritage, and she went through the Bible and found for herself how everything in it points to Christ as the Messiah. She called up a bunch of Rabbis and found ONE who admitted to believing in Christ, and they teamed up and started teaching other Jewish Rabbis in secret about the passover and how the symbols point to Christ. Teri is amazing! And she is reading the Book of Mormon, and we meet with her again tonight! I can't wait!

We also met a sweet old man named Satnam (from India) who has terminal cancer and is really interested in the Plan of Salvation. We knocked so many doors that day and no one would talk to us, but Satnam let us in to his house and was just so sweet. We're still teaching Wendy, and there are a few other investigators who are not as promising but we are meeting with them, too.

But HERE's the part that gets crazy: On Saturday, our mission president called us and told us one of the Sisters in a neighboring area (Kettle Moraine) has to go home, so her companion would be joining us! Her name is Sister Matheson and she's great, but she has had the hardest week ever! Anyways, we are now a trio and are covering two areas instead of one, so the mileage problems continue to give us grief. But we will be fine!

All in all it was an interesting but great week! Six hours of church yesterday, and that was great! The work continues to progress. I'm learning a lot about diligence and how when we are focused and striving, we can accomplish so much more! Also, I read "On Being Genuine" by President Uchtdorf this week and it hit me really hard. I love how he says that a simple spark can become a bonfire, because I often feel like a simple spark out here, and I want to start burning more brightly! It also made me ask myself why I am really out here, and how I can dedicate my time here to the Lord.

Thanks for the love everyone! Hope your summers are great.


Sister K. 

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