Wednesday, 22 July 2015

So Hot!!!

If I thought it was hot last week... things are really steaming up now! It hit 100 the other day and it was so so humid too. It's funny how different people respond to different temperatures because I was dying and could barely walk while my companion was loving it. She has a kind of unfortunate lot in life because she is a redhead and gets absolutely fried in the sun (even through the car window) but she LOVES the heat! Sister Plante is so great. She heads home in 9 days, which is crazy! It's weird to be paired up with someone who is in her last transfer because she is making plans for home, and it stresses me out about MY plans for home even though I really don't have to worry about it yet! 17 months to go, baby! Haha.

I told you about Teri last week I think? Well she is having some family crises but she has amazing promptings from the Spirit. If I had to pick ONE PERSON in this area who I want to be baptized before I go, it would be Teri because she has the power to influence so many others. Also because I love her! I am always amazed by the love I feel for the people here so quickly. I had heard that happened to missionaries, but I didn't fully believe it until now!

On Friday we got to go up to Oshkosh for a New Missionary Training! So I got to see my district from the MTC! It was so much fun! I love love love those people. We went through a lot together! And the drive to Oshkosh was BEAUTIFUL... I was bummed because I was the driver so I couldn't look around as much as I wanted to. Because it looked just like Germany! Huge fields of corn and wheat and soybeans, plus I saw a REAL scarecrow and some quaint little farms ! Seeing that made me love Wisconsin so much more, in a different way than I've felt before.

On the way back from a meeting, Sister P and I went to a place called "The Wholly Cow" which is owned by a member so we got custard for free. Can I just say, I LOVE CUSTARD! It is so dangerous. And so much better than ice cream! Apparently ice cream has 10% air whipped into it, but custard is straight-up divinity. I'm going to have to write a song about it when I get back because I'm so passionate about it. I can burn the Ben&Jerry's song, while I'm at it.

On Saturday we got to go to Janesville to attend the baptism of two people Sister P taught there. I love baptisms! The spirit is so strong and I love to see how the gospel changes lives and changes people. Plus, seeing people come into the fold makes the members more enthusiastic about missionary work, which is so crucial! We're trying to find ways to involve members more.

Anyways it was a great great week and lots of blessings.

Love you all! Stay cool!


Sister K.

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