Monday, 6 July 2015

Happy Fourth!!

Hey Everyone!

Well the humidity here is starting to really get crazy... I feel like I am breathing water! And walking feels like swimming! Haha no, it's not that bad but I can definitely feel the moisture!

Well I was sad to find out about President Packer on Sunday! It was interesting, I was reading his talk on Thursday or Friday I think and just feeling so much love for him and so much sadness because he probably didn't have much longer. That talk is so powerful - "the Plan of Happiness" - I encourage everyone to read it again as they keep him and his family in their prayers and memories! (Also, JUST LOOK at the picture on page 27 of the MOST adorable baby in the planet... I always keep my Ensign open to that page just so I can see that pure joy every day!) (And then look at the dad's shoes... haha I love it so much!)

Anyways, remember the awesome lady we met last Sunday? the one who had lost her cat? We got to meet with her yesterday to talk about the Book of Mormon and she is SO sweet and so incredible! I love her so much. I really hope she reads the Book of Mormon like she says she will, and we invited her to come to our Pioneer Day activity on the 25th so she can meet people and hopefully be fellowshipped. She's probably the person I'm most excited about teaching.

We had an interesting lesson on Thursday with a lady who says she is open-minded and willing to learn more about our church, but she really just wants to Bible bash with us. It's just interesting because she kept asking us to please come back again so we could "strengthen each other's faith by contradicting each other," basically. We just told her that's not our purpose, that we are seeking people with real intent who are willing to be baptized when they come to know the truth. It was really sad to have to drop her but it also strengthened my testimony of the Book of Mormon being the way to know if our church is true! We have to read it and pray about it with real intent, meaning we ACT on the answers we get. 

Other than that, it was tracting, tracting, tracting as usual! But I am learning a lot about confronting my fears of talking to people and just doing it. 

Anyways, hope you all are well! Happy Fourth of July, I love our country!

Sister K.

P.S. Here's a picture of me and Sister Plante on a hill above Waukesha! You can kind of see the city behind us. It really is a pretty place!

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