Monday, 5 October 2015

Better than a Hallelujah!!

Hey All!

Since General Conference is so fresh on my mind, I'd like to geek out about it first thing, if you don't mind. AHHHHH IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've heard for years that General Conference as a missionary is pretty much like Christmas, and it definitely exceeded my expectations!!!! I had several favorite talks, but my top favorites were the ones given by President Uchtdorf, D.Todd Christofferson, Russell M. Nelson, and of course David A. Bednar. (I cried like a baby when I saw the picture of L. Tom Perry. He has a special place in my heart for many reasons, but mostly because he started the Men's Volleyball program at BYU and also because I worked in the L.Tom Perry Special Collections part of the library while I was at BYU.) Anyways, I have felt the Spirit witness to me that these men are called of God. They carry the Holy Ghost with them so strongly and speak with so much power that it can be felt even through a television set thousands of miles away. I am so grateful for their love, wisdom, and experience! And I am also blown away by the fact that, even though I know little about the three new Apostles who have been called, I already feel love and appreciation for them, and I can see how they have been prepared by God for this purpose. (Also, Elder Renlund was my mission president's mission companion!! Cool, right?)

We had another amazing lesson with Teri, with the same member we brought last time. It makes such a difference to have her there! We testified of prophets in this dispensation. Even though we have the Holy Ghost with each of us, we still need a prophet to guide us as a whole and as individuals. I know this to be true! Just speaking of the prophet Thomas S. Monson strengthened my love and testimony of him as a servant of God. It's satisfying to see that my testimony has grown to a point where I don't balk at the questions other people ask me anymore. I'm learning how not to let one doubt or concern shake everything I've built my faith on. Just a couple months ago, I kept doing just that, and it resulted in much more stress and heartache than was necessary!! I am learning how to ask questions while keeping my faith, and it's a process I am eternally grateful for!

I am also excited about Autumn, one of our 14 year old investigators. That may seem young, but 14 is the age Joseph Smith was when he was looking for truth! We were finally able to set something up with her, and watched General Conference with her too. She's amazing and understands gospel principles so well. I am excited to keep teaching her!

Haha, I just remembered! My poor companion fell into a ditch on Monday when we were riding bikes! We spent pretty much the entire day in clinics/the ER on Tuesday. Poor Sister Decker! She ended up with a concussion, which is sad but better than breaking a bone or a serious head injury. She's such a trooper! She says she now has a testimony of helmets :) (But I am starting to think I have a curse... I've already had 2 ER visits with 2 different companions!!) Haha.

Have a great week everyone! Love you all :)


Sister K.

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  1. Jenna looks like she is having so much fun!! We are so proud of her!