Monday, 7 March 2016

Happy Spring!!!

Today when we woke up, the sun was shining... and it was 50 degrees! This is short sleeve, legging-free weather folks! What a miracle! The word on the streets is that winter is basically over... and this next week is supposed to be mostly sunshine with a few spring showers :)

This week was great! I am getting more comfortable in my new area. The Brookfield ward has gone through a lot of changes in the past couple months with Stake Presidency/Bishop/ward mission leader changes, so it's an exciting time to be transferred in. We're trying to focus a lot on part-member families, because there are MANY of them in the area, and just this week we were able to meet with Miriam, who is a member but has two non-member kids and a non-member husband. She was baptized in Brazil when she was 8 but remembers nothing, so she agreed for us to come and teach her family the lessons! We are SO excited about Miriam and her family!!! :)

In the YSA ward, the person I am most excited about is Kayla! She's the friend of a member and is reading the Book of Mormon every day with him. She says she's not really interested in joining the church, but the more we talk with her the more I see how PREPARED she is. She is the absolute coolest person I've ever met and I feel so much anxiety for the welfare of her soul! But I KNOW that as she reads the Book of Mormon, her testimony will grow! The difficult part will be pointing out to her what the Spirit is trying to say. 

Well, I got to go bus contacting for the first time this week! It was scary! But great! Haha. We were the first ones on the bus, and I said a little prayer that Heavenly Father would send someone to sit next to me who I could talk to. People kept getting on the bus but sitting as far away from me as possible (typical human nature, to avoid human interaction at all costs... plus, I'm sure the nametag didn't help), and I was kind of relieved but also sad haha. But then a scruffy guy with a bunch of tattoos came to the seat behind me, and I got to talk to him! And our conversation was actually REALLY cool! We started talking a lot about the purpose of life and the Plan of Salvation, and so many things that he said gave me the perfect opportunity to share what we believe. He's a recovering drug addict, spiritual but not religious, and working really hard to put his life back together. I was so amazed by him, and also amazed that Heavely Father really did put someone in my path to share something with. So I KNOW I'm already a missionary... but even missionaries have to pray for missionary opportunities sometimes. And when we pray for those opportunities, they WILL come! We just have to open our eyes and accept them!

Sister Wise is the most amazing missionary! In so many ways she reminds me exactly of my sister Kayli :) I am so blessed by her example!

Love you all! Hope it's spring for all of you too :)

Have a happy week!


Sister K.

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