Friday, 22 April 2016

Sprung Spring!

So many good things are happening right now, I have no idea how to sum it all up and I have no words to explain it!! But I guess I will start by trying to relate this incredible experience I had this week!

So things really are going great, and I LOVE my area, and I LOVE my companion... but on Thursday and Friday I was really struggling. Struggling with stress, some depression, feeling 100% completely stuck and weighed down and overwhelmed. I know that I've grown and progressed - I KNOW that - but when you're a missionary and you're doing the same things every day, it's difficult to see the progression, because all you see is how far you have left to go. Not only that, but I often have the overwhelming feeling that I am carrying EVERYONE I know on my shoulders; carrying investigators and ward members, carrying people from my first area, people from my last area, and especially people in the area I'm in now. I can't shake the feeling that I am responsible for all of these souls... because I am, technically. That's what we do as missionaries; we take responsibility for our portion of the Lord's vineyard. So I think that's what was really getting to me: the responsibility of it all. 

Anyways, I don't know if any of you will remember this, but about 7 months ago I told you a story about a day when I was feeling down and depressed, and I went into a Subway in Waukesha and a nice young woman noticed me crying and gave me her handkerchief, and the kind Subway employee named Ben gave me napkins and cheered me up and whatnot. Well, on Friday - one of the days I was really struggling - Sister Wise and I went with a YSA to dinner at a different Subway...  the one in my new area - and guess who was there?!?! BEN!!!!! The Subway worker from Waukesha!!! Turns out he got fired from the Waukesha Subway and started working at the Brookfield one, where I'm serving now!!!! It doesn't sound so crazy, but it was CRAZY!!!! Because it felt like everything was coming full circle! What I learned from that experience 7 months ago was that Heavenly Father places people in our path to help us on our journey... and now, all these months later, He gives me an undeniable reminder of that same lesson, on a day when I really needed it!!! And if that isn't exciting enough, we got to teach Ben the message of the Restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon.. and HE is at a place where he's struggling right now, and we have what will help him!!!! Gah!!!! God is so good!!!!!!! I still can't get over it!!!!!!! And I am doing SO MUCH BETTER now. :) I know I'm in good hands!!!

Saturday was one of the best days ever, because SEAN AND HALEY SENKEVITCH GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! They are two of the kids I was teaching in Kettle Moraine. I love the Senkevitch family!!!! I was so grateful that I got to go back and see them!!!! And the baptism was beautiful :)

Hmm, what else? Stake Conference yesterday was WONDERFUL. President Nelson, the temple president, said something I LOVE; he said, "There ain't no rest for the wicked... and the righteous don't need any." Haha. It was a great meeting!!!!

Well, that's the gist of it! Heavenly Father knows us! Hallelujah! Hope you all have a great week :)


Sister K.
P.S. It's 70 degrees outside right now... I might die of happiness!!!!!!

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