Monday, 25 April 2016

Hey There!

So much happens in a week, I don't even know where to begin! We had a couple lessons with new investigators that went really well. We have been using a tool called "the Book of Mormon Map" lately with a lot of people. It helps the people we teach to understand where the Book of Mormon comes from and how it is a second witness of the events of the Bible; we illustrate what was happening in both sides of the world when the star appeared, when Christ was killed and there was darkness/earthquakes/thunderings and so on, and then when Christ was resurrected and ministered to His people earthwide. Very cool! (I think there's a Book of Mormon map video online you can watch, probably on Youtube! It's simple, but it helps!)

COOLEST THING EVER!!!!!!! Sister Wise and I were invited to a Seder (Jewish passover feast) on Friday! It was SO neat!!! Sister Jackson in the Brookfield ward converted from Judaism to Mormonism when she was going to Stanford for grad school, and the Jacksons hold Seders annually as a tradition thing. Anywho, I just LOVED the cultural feel of it, and I've learned a lot about Judaism in the past couple weeks. SO interesting! Going to Jerusalem is on my bucket list, for sure!

Kayla is doing okay... we are actually quite worried about her. She is just going through a ton of peer pressure and difficult questions and confusion about what she believes... but that's a huge part of conversion, I think. Questioning things. Eventually the Spirit confirms to you what is right and true... but until that confirmation comes, the uncertainty is really rough! Cool story though; an appointment fell through a couple nights ago and we were trying to decide the best way to spend our time, and randomly we decided to bus to Kayla's apartment and leave her a couple notes about how much we love her. (Because we super, super love her. Like SO much.) Anyways, it ended up that that was a particularly rough night for her and she really needed our little notes! So even though we had NO CLUE we were following the Spirit... we were! And I think that's often how the Spirit works. If we try our best to do what we think the Lord would have us do... we'll end up doing it. He just wants a willing mind and a willing heart!

Also, another cool thing, my companion and I got priesthood blessings this week from the Elders. In my blessing, I received an answer to a question that I had for General Conference that didn't get answered! I even forgot that I ASKED the question! It was just another witness to me that the Priesthood is REAL (shout out to my little bro Alex for being ordained a Priest this week! I couldn't be more proud!) and that it is God's power on the earth. It's important to have a testimony of the Priesthood because of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon... but it's even better when you gain a testimony of the Priesthood because you've had up-close and personal experiences with it in your life. I'm so grateful for that!!!!

Love you all! Happy Spring! 


Sister K.

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