Friday, 20 May 2016


Dear Family!

CONGRATULATIONS to Kayli and Bronson for tying the knot on Saturday!!! 

Thanks to everyone who sent pictures and details about the wedding. I hear it was a very beautiful ceremony :)  Kayli, I'm so grateful for your example! Cool story: I was at the Chicago temple on Friday, so the day before the wedding, and we were there with a couple recent converts so we were only able to do baptisms. Luckily, though, Sister Wise and I got a chance to dry off and get changed and go into the Celestial room for a couple minutes. On the way there, we saw one of the sealing rooms, and the Spirit was so strong! I could picture my whole family there, including Bronson, and I KNEW that they were doing fine... and that the wedding would go well, and that we were all sealed together forever :) It was a priceless moment and a HUGE tender mercy to get to be in the temple!

Our investigator Bailey is progressing toward her baptism at the end of May! She is such a sweet and special person. It's been cool to teach her because she is so willing to live the principles we teach her, and willing to change her life to make the gospel a part of it. She has such great faith!

Kayla, also, is doing well! She is out of town this week but texted us yesterday saying she found a Sacrament meeting to attend in New York :) We are blessed to be teaching the COOLEST PEOPLE I've EVER met here in Milwaukee YSA! I've been asking myself a lot lately - especially on Saturday - why I am out here, and over and over again the answer is THE PEOPLE. :) It's all about the people!!

We also got the chance to go on two exchanges this week with some struggling missionaries, and I learned a lot about myself and what is most important to me. I have a testimony that obedience DOES matter. Obedience is how we come to know God, because without laws or commandments, how WOULD we know Him? If there is no law, if there is no sin... there is no God. But we know that there IS a God, and He is a God of order and cleanliness, and He "doth immediately bless us" when we keep His commandments; even when we just DECIDE to TRY to keep His commandments. That's pretty incredible!

Family, I love you!!!! My heart was with you this week! :)


Sister K.

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