Tuesday, 3 May 2016

May Day

Funny story: yesterday in Fast and Testimony meeting, one of the new guys (there are DOZENS of guys that move to Milwaukee in the summer to sell pest control) got up to bear his testimony and talked about how miserable he was this week knocking on doors when it was 30 degrees outside. All the missionaries just looked at each other and LAUGHED!!!!! Haha. Priceless. :)

Really though, this week was pretty dreary weather-wise! But today is GORGEOUS! Hopefully it stays that way!!!

Kayla is doing GREAT. She came to church and fasted yesterday... she is absolutely amazing... She inspires me in so many ways. (As in, I started reading the Bible again on my own because of how passionate she is about the word. Incredible!) In a way, I have kind of taken on her conversion process as my own conversion process; as she gets answers to her questions, I get answers to mine; as she prays about the Book of Mormon, I pray about it too. More than anything, Kayla has made me realize the depth and breadth of what we claim as members of the Church; we claim we have the only Priesthood authority; we claim our families are sealed in temples to be together forever after death; we claim that we make covenants with God; we claim we have a true modern Prophet; we claim that the gospel path is the ONLY path that leads to happiness and eternal life. That's HUGE!!! So if what we claim is true, it really is the MOST important message in the world, and being baptized begins the MOST important steps we can ever take to return to God. I've received my witness before that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true, but I will always accept the opportunity to reaffirm that testimony, because there is nothing sweeter than gaining that knowledge and building on it!!

We are also teaching a YSA named Bailey, who has a baptism date for May 22nd! She is super duper sweet and seems really prepared. We found her by just calling the people we didn't know in our phone! It was inspired! She came to church yesterday and seemed to really enjoy it. We also had a couple recent converts come who haven't come in a while, and it's the GREATEST feeling to see them at church because I KNOW that's exactly where they need to be!!!

We went on exchanges with the Waukesha sisters, and I got to go back to my beloved Waukesha!! It was surreal! Tomorrow is my 11 month mark of being a missionary...WOW. So crazy! I LOVE going back to Waukesha because that's when I can really feel how far I've come. (Spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, I mean... Physically not so much - I currently live like 10 miles away from Waukesha. haha. But you know what I mean!)

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Can't wait to Skype!!


Sister K.

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