Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Last Week of Transfer--

Hey everyone!

Transfers are this week, so these next couple days will be my last days with Sister Wise :( We are so sad to be getting split. I've learned so much with her and especially from her - things like how to teach with enthusiasm and power, how to show love and connect to people, how to force myself to run every morning (haha), how to be consecrated while still being myself and loving my family. Sister Wise is the best ever!!!!!!!! My new companion will be Sister Gifford, who I met once at the very beginning of my mission. I don't know much about her but she seems nice, and if I remember correctly I think she's from Brighton, Colorodo. (The only thing I know about Brighton is that we beat their high school team at a volleyball tournament my Junior year. Haha. They had nice jerseys though.)

So... I am totally overwhelmed at the thought of leading this area... but in the past few days I've realized how incredibly much I love the people here. Kayla, Bailey, the Bollinger family, and incredible ward members... it couldn't get any better. Bailey gets baptized THIS SUNDAY and I am SO BEYOND EXCITED for her!!!!!!!! I feel like I've said this already but she just has the most amazing faith... we went through the interview Qs with her on Friday and she told us she believes Joseph Smith is a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. Everything we teach her - even the commandments - makes SO much sense to her; it just clicks and feels right, and it's the coolest thing ever to watch. I feel like my eternal struggle on my mission is that the MORE I know about the gospel and the more I believe it, the HARDER it is to help other people understand it. So it's SO cool to be teaching someone whose heart and mind are so open to the message we are sharing!

Kayla is finally in town again (YAY!) so we got to see her at church yesterday! Absolutely INCREDIBLE, the strength of the LOVE I feel for this one. She opened up to us a lot about where her heart is in regards to the gospel lately, and I have to admit, I feel like I have stood EXACTLY where she is currently standing, and asked the exact same questions she is asking. She and I are so similar, in ways I can't even put into words. So many times I have just gotten the feeling that she is the reason I'm here right now. Which blows me away and fills me with gratitude because I want so badly to find the people I promised before this life that I would find. My heart aches for her... we are doing all we can to help her see that THIS IS TRUE. I believe it with all my heart!
Lately our best "finding" technique is calling old contacts whom we don't know while we're driving between appointments. Those who know me know that I am NOT a fan of calling people, especially strangers, but we've found several new investigators that way. Heck, we found Bailey that way!!! So it's totally worth the initial awkwardness. Plus it seems that we will NEVER run out of numbers to call... our area book is full of them. (Shoutout to Sister Hunter, who was here exactly a year ago - thanks for helping the future Sisters out! Haha.) 
Love you all! Hope your week is great:) 

Enjoy the beautiful weather!!!!


Sister K.

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