Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Bailey Got Baptized!!

Hey Everyone!

This was the best week ever because... drumroll please.... Bailey got baptized on Sunday!!!! She is so sweet, so prepared, so willing and so ready to receive the gospel. The service was small and simple, but really sweet! Funny story: I was the chorister for the baptismal service, and when I got up to lead the song, I noticed that the pianist was playing the wrong song, and none of us knew the words or had primary books to look it up. So I pretty much stood up there awkwardly conducting a silent congregation... and then finally got the courage to tap the pianist on the shoulder and change the song. Haha. For some reason, that was the perfect way to start the meeting! Also, planning baptisms can be stressful so it was nice to laugh at myself a little!

Saturday night, the day before the baptism, we went out to dinner with Bailey, and it was so cool for me to realize that I consider her to be one of my closest friends out here. Heck, I only met her 6 weeks ago! But I care for her so so much. Since it was transfer week, too, it was such a tender mercy to acknowledge the friendship we have, because transfers are always interesting! Sister Gifford is great, though. I'm excited to serve with her and get to know her better!

There are so many things to say, I don't even know where to begin. On Saturday there was a cool Memorial Day Weekend Kite Festival thing in Milwaukee, right by the Lake, and we walked around and talked to people and gave out pass-along cards. I don't super have a testimony of street contacting yet - I haven't seen it to be very effective - but it DOES make me feel like a real missionary. haha. And we've got to do it, I guess! Anyways, the festival was saweeet and it felt good to be in the sun. I LOVE Lake Michigan!!!! I LOVE Milwaukee!!!!!

Something cool I read in the Book of Mormon recently is Alma 5:60, which talks about how Christ is our good shepherd, and if we hearken to Him, He will bring us into His fold. Then it says, "and he commandeth you that YE suffer no ravenous wolf to enter among you, that ye may not be destroyed."  Christ longs to protect us from the ravening wolves of the world... but WE are the ones who let them into our lives. I really do have a testimony that Satan can only influence us to the degree we allow, and thankfully the Atonement of Jesus Christ is always there to lift and protect and bless us to the degree we allow, as well.

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Shoutout to Dad for his remarkable service to our country :) GO AIR FORCE!!!!!!

Love you!!!


Sister K.

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