Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Breaking News!!!

Hey Folks!
Transfers are happening on Wednesday, and our predictions were correct.... I'm leaving the Milwaukee YSA ward!!! I am sad to go - it has been WONDERFUL here, and I've met so many great eternal friends - but I'm also excited for the future :) BECAUSE!!!! I'm transferring to the WINNEBAGO YSA area!!!!!! All I wanted was to go "up north"... and technically I am! Woot woot! It covers the Neenah family ward as well, if you want to find that on a map. Kind of in the Oshkosh/Appleton area. Mixed emotions but it will be great!!!! :)
MY NEW ADDRESS IS: 1340 Geneva Rd. #2 Menasha, WI 54952
As a tribute to Milwaukee, here are a couple things I've learned from the city/ward/people/area!
1) Prayers WORK. If you want tangible evidence of this, try writing down the things you pray for every night. Weeks later you'll see that God granted you strength, patience, charity, determination, desires, etc. etc. EXACTLY when you needed it - you probably just forgot you prayed for those things in the first place! (shoutout to Sister Wise for the prayer journaling idea.)
2) "Too much kindness" is not actually a thing. We can NEVER be too kind or show too much love!!!
3) When in doubt as to what the Lord wants you to do for His people... WORK. It's easier to direct a moving object than one that is standing still.
4) Promptings are usually unidentifiable until hours, days, or weeks later. We don't need to know that the Spirit is PROMPTING us before we ACT.
5) Some of the COOLEST PEOPLE I've EVER met are 27+ years old and still single. It doesn't mean they did anything wrong - God has a plan for ALL of us and as Spencer W. Kimball (I think) said, "None of us is predestined to receive less than ALL the blessings Father has in store for us." (Or something along those lines.) (This snippet probably seems super random, but that's like the BIGGEST thing I learned from the active members of the YSA ward!)

This week. This week was a blur. We had a zone training meeting, which was good, and a miraculous amount of dinner appointments, which was lucky. There are so many solid families here - I love them!!!! We got to take out Sherry Huang, who just returned from her Mandarin-speaking mission in Arcadia, California, and that was a BLAST! So cool to talk about missions and how they change us and the lessons we learn from our mission presidents that we can only learn from THOSE SPECIFIC MEN and their wives.
We taught the Petersens on Friday - they have gotten into anti-material pretty heavily and said they almost asked us not to come back, but something always keeps them from shutting us out. WE know that's the Spirit - that they have felt something as they learn more about the gospel and eternal families - but THEY don't know that. It's hard to feel them slipping away - they are potentially the most PREPARED people I have ever met. From the Petersens I have learned how incredibly IMPORTANT it is to safeguard our testimonies - to build them CONSTANTLY and NEVER allow any room for doubt. It's not because we're brainwashed or indoctrinated - it's because we literally NEED every ounce of faith we can get!!!! EVERY chink of spiritual armor MATTERS!!!!!!!
Love you all. Hope your week is great!
With Love,
Sister K.

P.S. For anyone worried about the Milwaukee violence, we were told to let you know that all the missionaries are safe and well :) 

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