Monday, 29 August 2016

The Worth of a Soul.....

Wow, what a week of miracles! Seriously. The tender mercies of the Lord are ALL OVER the place in this little corner of Wisconsin!

󾓨We found a the sweetest girl EVER named Karina! She was being taught by the Neenah Elders a couple months ago, but her mom asked them not to come back. Well, the Neenah Elders got doubled out this transfer, so they gave us their area book, and we decided to try Karina again, hoping that her mom is more okay with Sisters stopping by than Elders, because Karina is a 12 year old girl. We stopped by, and it turns out that Karina has been struggling a lot with depression and anxiety and darkness from a crazy childhood, and her mother was more than willing to let us teach her and see how we could help. We met with Karina four times this week, and each time we saw her, her countenance had more and more light!!! In our latest lesson, she told us that she hasn't had ANY depressed or suicidal thoughts since she started meeting with us, reading the Book of Mormon, and praying. It's totally incredible to see the reality of the POWER of the gospel firsthand! Karina also was able to come to church yesterday. She's a sweetheart and we're SO excited to keep teaching her and seeing her life change!!!

󾓨 The Milwaukee YSA Sisters (that used to be me... THAT'S weird!) Met an AWESOME family in Milwaukee this week that lives in Neenah, and gave us their address! We stopped by yesterday and they are LEGIT. Their intent is so real and their hearts are open to learning truth! Families are THE BOMB!!!!!

󾓨 We were able to contact another referral from MYSELF in Kettle Moraine 8 months ago!! Long story short... I found a slip of paper in my suitcase with the address of a man Sister Tidwell and I gave a Book of Mormon to when we were tracting - he was visiting his mom in Monteray but actually lives in Neenah, and I wrote down his address but forgot all about it. SEEING THAT SLIP OF PAPER BLEW MY MIND!!!!!! I'm putting all my doubts behind me... THIS is where I need to be!!!!!

󾓨 Yes, I'm using the German flag as a bullet point. #fatherland

󾓨 This week was also MISSION TOUR!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Ringwood and Elder Cordon of the Seventy came to tour our mission together and train the missionaries. They are both INCREDIBLY inspired men - the spirit was SO strong throughout the meeting, and my mind and heart were FILLED to the BRIM with revelation and ALL the answers I'd been seeking. One of the favorite things I'd learned was taught by Elder Cordon; he asked us, "What is the worth of a soul?" We all answered different things:"exceedingly great," "immeasurable," "priceless," and so on. One of the missionaries said, "The worth of a soul is the worth of the Savior." That just took my breath away! It is SO true - God loved us SO MUCH that He gave us His Son as our Savior. It must have been SO HARD for Him to watch Jesus Christ suffer and feel forsaken... but that's the price that had to be payed for our sins to be redeemed, so we could return to live with our Father. I'm SO grateful for that!!!!!!!

There are so many other things I want to say... but I don't have time! Just know that this work is AMAZING!!!!! Wisconsin is MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!! I love it here!!!!!!

Love you all :) Have a great week!!!!!


Sister K.

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