Tuesday, 9 August 2016



To be real not much happened this week. Well, the Wisconsin State Fair happened, so missionary work was kind of a bust - both Marquette and UWM were both totally DEAD when we went contacting there... hardly any YSAs to be found in Milwaukee! We are entirely entrenched in a FINDING phase, too, so we were out of luck! I'm sure this week will be much better though, especially as we hone our campus-contacting skills!

MLC was Friday! That was GREAT. The meetings just seem to get better and better the more I know and the more prepared I am to follow President Williams's counsel. 

We got our oil changed!

The Senkevitchs (who I taught in Kettle Moraine) took us out to dinner at Mitchell's Fish Market on Monday!
We had a great lesson with the Petersens at the church - we took them on a tour and they really enjoyed it! Now we just need to figure out a way to get them to church on Sundays... Arron always has to work. 

We saw the PRETTIEST sunset OF MY LIFE on the lake walk the other night. BEAUTIFUL pinks and blues! It didn't show up too well on my camera but I'll send what I got. I LOVE MILWAUKEE!!!!!!

Transfers are next week so I'll probably be out of here in a week and a half. It's bittersweet!

That's everything I can think of. Haha, hopefully next week is more eventful!


Sister K.

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