Monday, 1 August 2016

Tender Mercies all Around!

So... Kayla did not get baptized on Saturday :( The worst part is that, due to a dramatic and head-banging series of events on Thursday, we'll no longer be teaching her either. My heart is absolutely 100% broken. I've been pouring my heart and soul into this girl for almost 6 months now, and I NEVER anticipated that it would end this badly. I won't go into the details - honestly it's too much to type out and it exhausts me to think about it anyways. But let's just say that there were several bridges burned, and it's been a heck of a week!!!!!

Friday, Sister Gifford and I were still really struggling with the aftershock of the Kayla situation, so we asked the Brookfield ward mission leader for Priesthood blessings. That helped a ton! Brother Germanis is this big tall redheaded law enforcement manly man with the SOFTEST, KINDEST, MOST LOVING heart in the world, and it comforted me so much to know that I could turn to him for guidance and a blessing. Also he lives next to the only Chick-fil-A in the mission so we treated ourselves to some lemonade. #tendermercy! Haha really, though, there have been SO many tender mercies in the last couple days! One of those was Alison Senkevitch's baptism, in Kettle Moraine! I taught her family for 7 months, and you may remember that her two kids got baptized in April. We got to go out for Alison's baptism on Saturday, and now their family is right on track to be sealed together for time and eternity in one short year :) I got to see many of the people I LOVE, and I was able to see in myself how much I have learned, grown, and changed since leaving Kettle Moraine! What a blessing!

Another tender mercy: GERMAN FEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right folks!!!!!!! We got to volunteer at the Milwaukee Genealogical Society's booth again, and it was SO wonderful. The perfect distraction! We were able to help even MORE people find their ancestors than the last time we volunteered, and had a wonderful time! I wasn't able to take many pictures, but I'll send what I have!

I guess besides that I don't have much to report. In the last week we've given away a couple of our investigators to other missionaries based on their locations, so we are back to square 1 and on the lookout for more people to teach. We're trying to work smarter with the resources we have, especially the members, and I'm developing such a GREAT love for the members of the Brookfield ward (another tender mercy!). All in all, I just want to say that my testimony and love of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ have just shot through the roof this week. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is REAL. Christ is REAL. The Atonement is REAL. There are many words to describe the Atonement, but this week, that's the conclusion I kept coming to. The Atonement is REAL, it's not just some made-up feel-good psychology trick. There is REAL power and REAL comfort that come from Jesus Christ! This week has been the week I've been most submissive to the Lord's will and timing and ways... and it's been the week I've been FILLED the most. Sometimes I'm swallowed by my calling and responsibility, but this week I'm at peace. And I'm SO BEYOND GRATEFUL for that!!!!!!!

Hope you all are doing fantastic! Look for those tender mercies -- they are THERE!!!!!!!!!


Sister K.

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