Monday, 24 August 2015

A Week in Wisconsin

Hey Folks! 

There have been some tough moments this week as well as some really good ones. First of all, Althea's mom (Althea is the 14 year old we are trying to teach) refuses to meet with us and refuses to give Althea permission to be baptized. So we are back to square 1 with that one. Second of all, we dropped Starlita because we are pretty certain she is "loco in the coco," to steal a phrase from Giuliana Gillespie. (Note: I heard a rumor that in Wisconsin 50 PERCENT of the people have mental illnesses of some kind, making it the #1 state as far as crazies go. Can anyone look that up to confirm that rumor for me?! Not that it would give me peace of mind or anything. I just wanna know.) 

As for Teri, well... she is still difficult. I really feel strongly that she is my purpose in being here in the Waukesha area, but she has so many hang-ups and downright weird theologies that it is SO HARD to teach her. But we are still trying. We are going to show her Tad Callister's "The Blueprint of Christ's Church" BYU devotional video today and if that doesn't clarify things for her I don't know what will! 

We have been doing more street contacting and I actually like it a lot. It feels so much more productive than knocking on doors. So that's a miracle!!!! :D 

Sister Hunter goes home this week. I am freaking out about that just a little. She has been so good for me! And she's been so instrumental in getting the work in Waukesha going stronger. I've been so blessed with my companions so far! 

We found out that after Sister Hunter leaves, Sister Decker will be coming and joining us from Kettle Moraine and we will be covering both areas again, like we did a few weeks ago. Sister Decker came out one transfer after me, so there is a pretty high likelihood that I will end up finishing her training next transfer. I don't feel ready to train by any means, but at least I had one more transfer to prepare than McKenna Floyd did! Training after 6 weeks, that is crazy!!! Haha. But probably the BEST thing about being on a mission in my mind is that you always, ALWAYS know that you are in the right place with the right companion at the right time. So things work out just the way they are supposed to. I'm so grateful to know that!!!!! 

Miracle of the week: We had the opportunity to teach Joni Neugebauer the Plan of Salvation this week! Joni's husband is Brother Neugebauer, who is an awesome active member in the ward, and Joni came to church for the first time ever yesterday! It was incredible! I was actually surprised by the intensity of the joy I felt in seeing her there. I had always been told about the joy of missionary work, and I have felt it a little here and there, but that was my first real taste of it and I'm so SO grateful for that. It was exactly what I needed!!!! Funny how Heavenly Father gives us what we need at just the right time, eh? :) 

I will try to send some of the pictures that I forgot from last week (oops!). Hope you are all well and enjoying the summer while it lasts! Love you so much! 


Sister K. 

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