Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Cultural Blitz!

This was my favorite week yet when it comes to Wisconsin culture!!! Last p-day after emailing we got to go to Holy Hills, which is a pretty hike up to a Catholic church and the view looks JUST LIKE Germany. What a tender mercy!!!! I loved it so much. We also got to go shopping at Woodman's, which is just a Wisconsin thing I think... They had an entire aisle just for cheese. Like, a whole big long stretch of nothing but cheese... incredible! And I am really getting a feel for the heat and humidity everyone had been warning me about... the air is like a wall of water. I feel like I'm living in Jell-O. I don't know how else to describe it but it is actually a pretty remarkable sensation. Also, we had a CRAZY thunderstorm a few nights ago and the sky was green! And the lightning was purple! I loved it :)

Last Saturday one of the ladies we are working with invited us to a Laotian festival-type-thing at a Buddhist temple in Waukesha. The Buddhist temple was so legit and we were the only white people there. A bunch of kids danced and sang in Laotian and played awesome Asian instruments. It was SO cool. I felt like I was serving my mission in Asia for a minute, which was nice little reminder of how grateful I am to be serving in the states because all those Laotian people spoke English just fine and I was still scared of them! And I was like 2 feet taller than everyone else! Haha it was great.

Let's get to the real stuff! Teri still has a lot of concerns we are trying to work with. Her assignment for this weekend is to watch a talk by President Monson and pray about it. I KNOW that if she has real intent as she does this, she WILL know for herself that we have a prophet! I think back to my first semester at BYU when President Monson came for Kevin Worthen's inauguration ( I think...), and the second he stepped into the room... Whoompf! the Spirit! He really is a prophet. I know that's true!

We are working with some others too but they are not as promising. Starlita, one of our investigators with a baptism date, hasn't been returning our calls or showing up to appointments so that's a downer. We're still doing a lot of finding and trying to get to know the ward members better.

GUESS WHAT?! I have come up with an awesome plan to get my new song to you guys. Next time I'm at a member's house with a guitar, I'm going to have Sister Hunter film me singing it and put it on a drive or dvd or something then have Sister Hunter take it to Kayli in Logan. Man, I love it when my companions go home to Utah! Haha. (Not that I love it when they leave, or anything.)

What else? Hmm, I had my first Zone Conference on Friday! it was absolutely incredible. I love the way the Spirit can call me to repentance and build me up/inspire me all at the same time. 

Sorry my emails are becoming so lengthy. I guess I mostly want you all to know that I am really loving Wisconsin. It took me a while to appreciate it really but I do love it!

Love all you, too! hope this email finds you well :)

Have a great week! 


Sister K.

p.s. the first picture is one we took on exchanges with sister casas, me, and sister tenney. the second is at the buddhist temple! I'll try to send one of me with sister hunter :)

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