Monday, 16 November 2015

Christmas Stuff at Walmart... What?!?!

Hey all!

Another great week, and like most weeks I can't remember most of it! We've done a LOT of service for less actives and investigators, and actually through service we found a new family to teach! It's a mom and three daughters and they are all so precious. They've been taught by Sisters before but we're hoping this is the time it sticks!! 

We've also had some pretty awesome ward activities! In the Waukesha ward the youth did a "mini-mission" activity where they all got calls and companions and nametags and were assigned into "districts" to go around to a bunch of different stations learning what missionaries do. My companion and I were in charge of the P-day station, which is ironic because P-days are like the least missionary-ish of our weekdays!!! And they're the days I'm worst at, too, because there's always so much to do and so little time to do it! It was funny because I asked everyone, "First of all, what do you all THINK we do on P-days?" and they were all like "laundry, groceries, emails..." and I was all "Yeah that's pretty much it" and then we let them write letters to their ward's missionaries. Haha, maybe missionary life isn't as much of a mystery to everyone else as I always thought!! :P

At the end of the activity I got to bear my testimony to all the youth about missionary work, which was an awesome experience. I definitely cried, haha. It was so humbling to see all the youth in the black nametags, all dressed up like the future missionaries they are! This is SUCH a marvelous work, you know? I feel like it was JUST YESTERDAY that I was the one going to Young Women activities and looking in awe at the missionaries, but I've realized that I've grown SO much since then. My testimony and my understanding of the covenants I have made are so far beyond what they were even a couple years ago. I love moments like that, when I can acknowledge that I still have so far to go... but I really have come a long way! Also, our two investigators Althea and Autumn were at the activity, too, and seeing them there in nametags was the coolest thing ever! I got a picture with them and I'll send it today!

We also had the opportunity to go to a "worship night" at an investigator's house, which was a cool but strange experience. There was someone playing piano and guitar and two violinists and we sang songs of praise and stuff. So it was super cool, but strange because everyone there was swaying and chanting and holding up their hands when they felt the Spirit (I'm guessing) and just kind of did elaborate outward displays of what they felt on the inside. I've always wondered why our church isn't more preachy and hallelujah-y, if you know what I mean, but after the worship night I think I know. There's something to be said for that feeling of the Spirit burning in your heart that has nothing to do with what the people around you are doing. You know? The Spirit is something I can feel in the quietest moments, and I don't need to listen to loud and powerful music to feel it, or sway and wave my arms to let other people know I'm feeling it. It's all about me and the Lord and what's happening on the inside. Maybe it's just because I was raised this way, but I really like the way we worship :) It feels right to me!

Love you all! Hope your weeks have started off great! Enjoy the Christmas stuff at Walmart and Kohls because even if it's not even Thanksgiving yet... We always need a little Christmas!


Sister K.

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