Monday, 28 December 2015

Happy New Year!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a great Christmas! It was a great one here in the Kettle Moraine ward. Probably the warmest Christmas in Wisconsin history... around 55 degrees! It was a beautiful day! Today is a big snowstorm, though, and the word is that this year's "vacation from Wisconsin weather" is now officially over. From here on out we're supposed to have snow, ice storms, and (finally!) negative temperatures! I'm actually pretty excited to experience it! Well, maybe not the cold temps as much, but I love snow!

Skyping my family was the best! I miss them so much! The time went way too fast and the connection wasn't the greatest and I was kind of speechless the whole time just staring at everyone's faces but it was great :) (P.S. for anyone who doesn't know, Alex sounds a whole heck of a lot like Batman these days!)

We found out today that because the MTC time is being extended for native speakers, our mission time is being extended a week. At least I'm pretty sure that's what the email meant. So if all goes according to plan, I should still be home for Christmas in 2016, folks! :) 

Hmm, as far as actual work goes this week was interesting. We had several member appointments, but most nonmembers were unwilling to meet with us until after the holidays. So hopefully we will be teaching more lessons in the upcoming weeks! We did, however, meet a new investigator named Mr. Malone. He's a high school teacher and he's read portions of the Book of Mormon but is highly skeptical of it; he definitely doesn't believe it's divinely inspired, or written by prophets. Basically, he was looking at it from an entirely logical perspective, and only finding faults in what he was reading. The lesson was a good reminder to me that it's not enough to  have a testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet just because he was uneducated and there's no way he could have written something like the Book of Mormon. We need to know the Book of Mormon is true, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, because the Spirit witnesses to us that it's true. Spiritual knowledge comes spiritually, not logically. Which isn't to say the gospel shouldn't make sense logically - it should - but that it's CRITICAL that we don't rely solely on the logic of it, and instead put special emphasis on the feelings and promptings we get from the Spirit testifying of truth. Just like how it's great to believe in God because the world around us is incredible and couldn't have been created by accident... but it's even BETTER to believe in God because we have personal, CORE experiences with Him in our lives. It's good better best, I guess! (Sorry if this is all a jumbled mess, it all makes sense in my head!)

Love you all! Hope you make some good New Year's resolutions. Even better, I hope you still remember them come February! ;)

Have a great week!


Sister K. 

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